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Spicy Chutney Powder (Molgai podi)

Every since I started seeing my husband, I’ve kind of been hooked on this spicy chutney powder his mother makes. I first ate it as an accompaniment to snacks like idly (Steamed rice cakes) and dosa ( vegan ferment crepes). It’s very different from any of the molgai pod’s I had had before. It was crunchy and… Continue reading Spicy Chutney Powder (Molgai podi)

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Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey

When you must take something for Thanksgiving and all you can think of is, “Ahhhh!!! Turkey! I am a vegetarian.” This vegetarian edible arrangements is a definite crowd pleaser. From kids to adults there is something in it for everyone. This is my second year making it to my friend’s Thanksgiving dinner. I love all… Continue reading Vegan Thanksgiving Turkey


Best Homemade Granola (For The Holidays)

Call it Granola, Call it trail mix; By whatever name the title best remains the best! I have been asked for this recipe more than any other recipe ever. Here goes a little story before– I was helping my cousin move a few years ago. Whilst she did most of the arranging and organizing, I bothered… Continue reading Best Homemade Granola (For The Holidays)

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Diwali Snack ( Lilo Chevdo)

This is one of those things from my Indian kitchen that I brought along with me to the United States, when I moved. To begin with, my snack pantry never had too many homemade goodies, now in the US there are too many new things to eat and new things to try, things get forgotten!… Continue reading Diwali Snack ( Lilo Chevdo)

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Apple Crisp

In the fall, there are few things that please me more than baking my farm fresh apples in my oven and thereby warming my apartment. The entire apartment is filled with the smell of baked apples, sugar and cinnamon. Oh just the thought of me is making me dizzy. Once the apples are picked and… Continue reading Apple Crisp

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Vegan Coconut Cake

I have been on the look out for a good vegan cake recipe. I wanted it icing, sugary and all. But for the longest time I never got around to making it. A few months ago, while wandering about the aisles of Manhattan’s public libraries, I chanced upon this awesome book called Pure Artistry, a… Continue reading Vegan Coconut Cake

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Srilankan Side salad

I have never eaten Srilankan food. I cannot believe it! Growing up in South India, Srilanak was so close, yet no one spoke of it unless the news had some stuff about LTTE’s bombing. I didn’t even stop to wonder about that country, let alone if it’s food is different from Indian food. Or I probably assumed… Continue reading Srilankan Side salad