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Petite Vegan Tea Time Sandwiches

It’s exciting to eat out and try foods from different regions, not just cause I get to eat out, but because tasting something new makes me want to create something new in my apartment. In my kitchen.  That is a huge part of why I stated this blog. There is so much I knew about… Continue reading Petite Vegan Tea Time Sandwiches

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Salted Popcorn (Healthy)

Come rainy days and I want a cozy fix – A good indoor read, a hot cup of tea and of course a snack are the best. Often times, I find my snack pantry empty which means I have to go into my reserve stash of foreign goodies from stores back in Indian that I miss here.… Continue reading Salted Popcorn (Healthy)

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Spicy Chutney Powder (Molgai podi)

Every since I started seeing my husband, I’ve kind of been hooked on this spicy chutney powder his mother makes. I first ate it as an accompaniment to snacks like idly (Steamed rice cakes) and dosa ( vegan ferment crepes). It’s very different from any of the molgai pod’s I had had before. It was crunchy and… Continue reading Spicy Chutney Powder (Molgai podi)

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Diwali Snack ( Lilo Chevdo)

This is one of those things from my Indian kitchen that I brought along with me to the United States, when I moved. To begin with, my snack pantry never had too many homemade goodies, now in the US there are too many new things to eat and new things to try, things get forgotten!… Continue reading Diwali Snack ( Lilo Chevdo)

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Toasted Baguette

One baguette is just too big for us to finish in one day. So am constantly wondering to buy with when i am at the store. We have a lovely bakery in Jersey City, Choc·O·Pain, just a few blocks from where I live and they make the best baguette. Marie Claude, my parents friend from Lyon was visiting us last year… Continue reading Toasted Baguette