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Srilankan Side salad

I have never eaten Srilankan food. I cannot believe it! Growing up in South India, Srilanak was so close, yet no one spoke of it unless the news had some stuff about LTTE’s bombing. I didn’t even stop to wonder about that country, let alone if it’s food is different from Indian food. Or I probably assumed… Continue reading Srilankan Side salad

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Refreshing Summer Salad

I wanted a new take on Quinoa. And as always my salads have to be a good size. I cannot have  bowl of greens and be done. It has to have some stuff… I thought of the delicious couscous, cranberry and almond salad I had eaten at Whole Foods. My Google search was of that… Continue reading Refreshing Summer Salad

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Quinoa Arugula Salad

When I asked my cousin’s wife what she liked eating the most in America, “I miss my salads,” she said. This was several years ago, when she was visiting India from the USA. She explained that she ate a huge bowl and that kept her going all day. 🤔 Up until I moved to New York,… Continue reading Quinoa Arugula Salad

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Green and Grain

Vegan Lunch Salad Spring comes around and I crave to eat salads. Is that the case with everyone? It’s not really spring, but it definitely feels like it. Back in India, I never really ate salads. I mean i had some cut cucumber, tomatoes and onions accompanying lunch but never as a meal. In fact,… Continue reading Green and Grain

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Marie Claude’s Oriental Tabouli

My friends were visiting me, from France. Every time that I have been with them I have always had a chance to taste Marie Claude’s tabouli. It had become a dish that I solely associated with her, so much so that I thought that was the only thing she made. It turns out she makes divine Pain… Continue reading Marie Claude’s Oriental Tabouli