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Dirt Candy New York

For several reasons I think Dirt Candy requires it’s own review. I have lived in this city for a while now and still haven’t been able to make and keep a reservation at this restaurant. This time when I actually made the reservation and kept it was for the first week of June. When the… Continue reading Dirt Candy New York

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Vegetarian Visiting Boston

I found authentic, one of a kind,  delicious vegan food in Boston. This blog post adds to the places to eat. It reviews a few other places that have a good vegetarian selection and the ones we chose to dine at. We did crazy touristy stuff by visiting Mike’s Pastry 😳 but other times we dined at… Continue reading Vegetarian Visiting Boston

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Toasted Baguette

One baguette is just too big for us to finish in one day. So am constantly wondering to buy with when i am at the store. We have a lovely bakery in Jersey City, Choc·O·Pain, just a few blocks from where I live and they make the best baguette. Marie Claude, my parents friend from Lyon was visiting us last year… Continue reading Toasted Baguette