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Eat Healthy, Make Merry & Save

Since living in the United States in close proximity to Manhattan, we are getting more and more aware of what goes into our bodies. We are way more health conscious than ever before, eating organic food as and when possible, choosing salads over other foods and eating snacking on nuts over a fried snack. These things… Continue reading Eat Healthy, Make Merry & Save

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Cape May Vegan Dining

Cape May has so many great dining options, a couple of days is just not enough to do justice to all. While I wanted to spend most of my time staring at the ocean, and eating a picnic lunch, I did enjoy eating out at restaurants that care about vegetarians and vegans. And, at Cape May I was not disappointed.… Continue reading Cape May Vegan Dining

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Dirt Candy New York

For several reasons I think Dirt Candy requires it’s own review. I have lived in this city for a while now and still haven’t been able to make and keep a reservation at this restaurant. This time when I actually made the reservation and kept it was for the first week of June. When the… Continue reading Dirt Candy New York

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Vegetarian Visiting Boston

I found authentic, one of a kind,  delicious vegan food in Boston. This blog post adds to the places to eat. It reviews a few other places that have a good vegetarian selection and the ones we chose to dine at. We did crazy touristy stuff by visiting Mike’s Pastry 😳 but other times we dined at… Continue reading Vegetarian Visiting Boston

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Toasted Baguette

One baguette is just too big for us to finish in one day. So am constantly wondering to buy with when i am at the store. We have a lovely bakery in Jersey City, Choc·O·Pain, just a few blocks from where I live and they make the best baguette. Marie Claude, my parents friend from Lyon was visiting us last year… Continue reading Toasted Baguette