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To Tea, Transformations & Traditions

I guess you can take me out of India, but cannot take India out of me- especially when it comes to chai. I live in a coffee lovers country. I should really be running into a Starbucks and running out with a cup of black coffee. I just haven’t gotten there. I love my tea.… Continue reading To Tea, Transformations & Traditions

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Cooking – The Beginning

“But how much salt do you mean when you say salt to taste?” That was how little I knew when I first started cooking. My mother just gave me these recipes for Indian lentils, vegetable curries and pulao ( pilaf) and I sat on the other end of the phone fuming! “How does she expect me to… Continue reading Cooking – The Beginning

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Writing A Food Blog & Photos

What are your thoughts on wanting to see step by step photos while searching for a recipe? Maybe it’s cause I am new at writing for the internet that I wonder…. When I was writing this blog and I told my friend about it. She was like, you have to tae step by step photos of… Continue reading Writing A Food Blog & Photos

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Cooking At Thirteen

A memoir Zaphia and Mittu, my neighbors were coming over. Unlike other evenings, I eagerly waited for them. We had decided, the previous day, to build a fire and cook together, outdoors. I had kept the essentials ready on the porch; matchsticks, wet and dry ingredients, pots, and plates. The actual compost that was going… Continue reading Cooking At Thirteen

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Integrating Vegan into American Cusine

Opinion piece on what American food means and what vegetarian and vegan food is. I am a little fuzzy on what constitutes American cuisine. In fact, is it a type of cuisine or a way of eating? In the same lines is Vegan a way of life, choice of food or is it a cuisine… Continue reading Integrating Vegan into American Cusine

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An American Brunch

Breakfast for Ashwin. I felt ambitious one morning! Back in 2011when I arrived in New York and began my journey in this new country, one of the most fascinating meals to me was brunch. It’s eaten only on weekends and is popular among the cool, laid-back people. The very mention of the word ‘brunch’ conjures… Continue reading An American Brunch