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Zoodles and Seeds

This dish really came about when I didn’t really know what to do for lunch and pulled out a few left overs and put them together. They tasted fantastic together and a new dish was born. At least in my kitchen. It’s relatively simple and does not need large introductions and lots of explanations and… Continue reading Zoodles and Seeds

Entrèe · Vegan

Bok Choy and Rice

One of the first times we ate Bok Choy was a Schezwan restaurant on the Upper East side. (Grand Sichuan Eastern) Every since then, Ashwin and I have been addicted to this vegetable. Where was it all my life? There are several vegetables found in chinese food that we grew up eating too. But this was… Continue reading Bok Choy and Rice

Entrèe · Summer · Vegan · vegetarian

50-50 : Grilled Potato Sandwich

I grew eating these delicious potato grilled sandwiches. My mother called them Fifty-Fifty based on how they came out when they were done. Grilled cheese sandwiches are everywhere here. But I do not see these potato filled ones on the menu. I am not sure whey. I imagine Vegans would go nuts about it. Since… Continue reading 50-50 : Grilled Potato Sandwich