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Apple Crisp

In the fall, there are few things that please me more than baking my farm fresh apples in my oven and thereby warming my apartment. The entire apartment is filled with the smell of baked apples, sugar and cinnamon. Oh just the thought of me is making me dizzy. Once the apples are picked and… Continue reading Apple Crisp

Baking · Dessert · Vegan · vegetarian

Vegan Coconut Cake

I have been on the look out for a good vegan cake recipe. I wanted it icing, sugary and all. But for the longest time I never got around to making it. A few months ago, while wandering about the aisles of Manhattan’s public libraries, I chanced upon this awesome book called Pure Artistry, a… Continue reading Vegan Coconut Cake

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Best Vanilla Ice Cream

Come summer, all I want is some homemade ice-cream to indulge in. I like the ice-cream from Ben and Jerry’s but I feel super heavy and guilty everytime its in my system. Besides, I prefer to only take in organic dairy. So, obviously the solution was to make my own so I can decide how… Continue reading Best Vanilla Ice Cream

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Vegan Chocolate hard shell

This is the easiest, quickest, yummiest chocolate hard shell you can make at home. It does have a slight coconut flavor to it, but you will not notice it as part of the dessert. Try it. It’s so easy it’s worth a try, even if you aren’t a vegan. Cooking time 1 minute            … Continue reading Vegan Chocolate hard shell

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This is the simplest idea for a quick and healthy dessert. Essentially chocolate covered anything is a dessert or maybe even an after school  snack. It’s probably the easiest way to entice someone to eat a fruit that might otherwise not tempt them. My husband is not a huge fan of strawberries. Well, neither am I… Continue reading Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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Chocolate chip Muffin

I love my vegan cakes. In this case the muffins. 💜 From the very beginning of my baking days, I always baked eggless goodies. It was a lifestyle choice in India. Vegetarian usually meant that you ate eggs outside, if they were in cookies or ice cream, but didn’t cook with them. I don’t know… Continue reading Chocolate chip Muffin