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Vegan Food, Drinks & Fun In The South- Asheville, N.C.

Asheville, North Carolina came as a inspiring and stimulating surprise to my senses. The musical sounds of the city, the smell of the healthy green trees, the sights of design around *and the taste of delicious, unique food refreshed every part of my being. The city is definitely not a place where one can stay… Continue reading Vegan Food, Drinks & Fun In The South- Asheville, N.C.

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Vegetarian in Kentucky- Louisville, Lexington & Berea

We are often dissuaded from visiting certain parts of the country for lack of vegetarian/ vegan food choices. But over the last few years in traveling in the North East, we’ve been spoilt for choice. For a short trip down south, we were surprised at the variety of food we had to choose from. And… Continue reading Vegetarian in Kentucky- Louisville, Lexington & Berea

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To Tea, Transformations & Traditions

I guess you can take me out of India, but cannot take India out of me- especially when it comes to chai. I live in a coffee lovers country. I should really be running into a Starbucks and running out with a cup of black coffee. I just haven’t gotten there. I love my tea.… Continue reading To Tea, Transformations & Traditions

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Petite Vegan Tea Time Sandwiches

It’s exciting to eat out and try foods from different regions, not just cause I get to eat out, but because tasting something new makes me want to create something new in my apartment. In my kitchen.  That is a huge part of why I stated this blog. There is so much I knew about… Continue reading Petite Vegan Tea Time Sandwiches

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Vegan & Vegetarian in Portsmouth, NH

There are several vegetarian and vegan food options in Portsmouth, NH. In fact if a town is reasonably populated in the North East, the food options for people with dietary needs is pretty good. Be it CT, VT, RI, NY or any other city, people are aware of what vegetarianism is and care about people… Continue reading Vegan & Vegetarian in Portsmouth, NH

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Salted Popcorn (Healthy)

Come rainy days and I want a cozy fix – A good indoor read, a hot cup of tea and of course a snack are the best. Often times, I find my snack pantry empty which means I have to go into my reserve stash of foreign goodies from stores back in Indian that I miss here.… Continue reading Salted Popcorn (Healthy)