I am Tara.


I taste. I create. I taste again.

When I first moved to the United States, my family and I had this crazy notion that it would be hard for me to find good food in restaurants and enjoy vegetarian meals outside my home. Every since I have moved here, tasting authentic food which is often vegan, has become an addiction. It is everywhere.

I am always encouraging people I know, tourists and new immigrants, to try new food. The vegetarian food America has to offer is diverse. This country has such a vast variety of global cuisines right at our doorsteps, it would be a shame to eat only what we grew up with.

Lots of vegetarian Ethiopian in Washington D.C.

I take it a step further. I eat out and taste new thing and crave to eat them more often than just when I dine out. I don’t want to eat out all the time, nor spend as much as restaurants require. Besides, I am always unsure how much fat goes into my food when I dine outside. All of this makes me want to cook and make my own version of what I have tried. As often as possible, I try to recreate what I have tried.

I seem to enjoy eating (just not brunch), teaching and sharing. So, besides writing about food and sharing my recipes I teach young adults and children how to cook. I am delighted to share my meals with family and friends. Inviting people to break bread with my husband and me gives me utmost pleasure.

I originally posted the recipes and food articles on a website where I wrote about moving to a new country, things I wish I knew and so on. (www.journalsfromamerica.com) But I spend so much time with food, thinking about it and eating it, www.plantsandgrains.com emerged.

A little more:

  1. I do not cook with eggs. I can eat baked goods containing eggs but not omelets!
  2. I have been a vegetarian since birth. 🌱🌾🌿
  3. I baked long before I knew how to cook. Ashwin’s favorite is the Banana Nut Loaf.
  4. I grew up in India, which influences my cooking greatly.
  5. My tastes expanded only after I started cooking, which I did out of necessity.
  6. I had a sensory overload once I moved to New York City. 🗽
  7. I am in love with America and travel a lot in this country.
  8. When we go out to eat, we eat at as many authentic ethnic restaurants as we can.
  9. I have photos of myself only when we travel or terrible self-conscious selfies!
  10. Dinner times make me happiest– well presented, delicious food with wine and conversations!  😇


If you want to get in touch with me,  want to learn or order some vegetarian cakes write to me at plantsandgrains101@gmail.com; Or to subscribe to my posts, please fill in the the form below.




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