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Vegetarian in Kentucky- Louisville, Lexington & Berea

We are often dissuaded from visiting certain parts of the country for lack of vegetarian/ vegan food choices. But over the last few years in traveling in the North East, we’ve been spoilt for choice. For a short trip down south, we were surprised at the variety of food we had to choose from. And what added to the food was the fun people had as they drank and made merry.

A Meal In Louisville:
It’s always fun to eat the food local to the place. As far as possible, American and Traditional food was what we looked for, on this trip.
First stop North End Cafe in Louisville. We had our first biscuit there and it was everything we had been anticipating ever since we booked our tickets to see KY. Their take on huevos rancheros was so good, i regretted not taking it ( without the egg of course. ) My lunch wasn’t as Asian stir fry. I know! It wasn’t very American. But I did satisfy myself with the divine crusty biscuits. We did also stop by and sniff the chocolate chip cookie at Please And Thank You, which is rated the best in town.


Square biscuit- Strange! But DELICIOUS.

What we enjoyed the most is Louisville’s way of burning calories while they drank. A company called Thirsty Peddler had a fun idea to have people ride and drink! I doubt this would work in New York. 😉 When we left Louisville, we hadn’t said goodbye to these fun bikes, they followed us all the way to Asheville. Unfortunately we didn’t burn any calories with them. Next time!


Lexington For A Weekend:
It’s funny that I had to wait to get up to Gatlinburg and Asheville to eat more Southern food. I drank lots of Bourbon, picking from just Bourbon menus ( which was a blast!), but in terms of dining, we ate invented vegan food and random selection of international entrées rather than the American stuff.

Drinks at The Village Idiot and Big Blue Martini were fun, especially since there were so many people who chose to hang out there. We ate a delicious West Indian Plantain Curry curry at the Village idiot, and ever since that night I have been wondering how to create that dish. I love that I eat out at so many restaurants and try several new dishes, that I return home with a whole bunch of new stuff to try. Let’s not even get started on all the regional/ local cookbooks I bring home from each state I visit.

Photo May 21, 8 01 24 PM.jpg

Photo May 21, 7 59 13 PM.jpg

Another place we enjoyed was Pasta at the Pasta Garage Italian Cafe. The fast food, make your own pasta was a quick meal, before we ran off to go try Bourbons at Woodford Reserve. The chef/owner was a chatty guy who was happy we stopped by his restaurant, despite the ‘run down neighborhood it is in.Alfa Alfa was another place we ate at which turned out to be Vegan.

Photo May 21, 12 17 41 PM.jpg

We had our fill of whisky and cocktails, but weren’t really satisfied with the Southern Food we got. Most places were pretty meat heavy and there wasn’t enough choice for a vegan, besides a sandwich or a salad. Still looking for my grits and biscuit, we left Lexington.


Oh! And for dessert I had bourbon, pecan ice cream at Crank And Boon Ice cream lounge. The entire area and restaurant scene down where ice cream parlor is, is totally worth checking out. Upbeat music, large crowds throng the place for drinks, dinner and treats.

Southern Fix In Berea:
We stopped for lunch at one of America’s Historic Hotels- the Boone Tavern. That’s where it all finally appeared in front of me! The much awaited sweet tea quenched my thirst, the grits warmed my belly and salad with fried green tomatoes was the perfect accompaniment to this heavy, calorie filled meal. Oh! And lets not forget they served us some ‘spoon bread,’ a corn bread like souffle. The eggs in the spoon bread, kept me away from it, but it was pretty darn tempting to have our server walking around with a hot iron skillet spooning out some bread.




Ready to move on, with a few meal ideas for when I return home and a recipe book or two, we left the land of horses, stables and bourbon, Y’all.




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